The Lakshmi Andiappan Yoga foundation, accredits its ongoing successful enterprises to its Visionary, Administrator, and 'Guru', Dr.Kumari Lakshmi Andiappan, daughter of the unparalleled Yoga guru, and Yoga's synonym, Asana Andiappan.

Keeping in mind that the body is a man's temple, Dr.Lakshmi Andiappan, has been revolutionizing the way a person can take care of his/her health, by combining the science of medicine, and art of Yoga to cure major ailments that poses challenges to one's happiness. Her expertise in the field of medicine and experience in Yoga, ensures none other, can render such immaculate services to the people.

Dr.Kumari Lakshmi Andiappan has been learning the art of Yoga right from the age of 3, and she had become well versed with the art form by her teenage, that she started her endeavours as a Guru right from the age of 13.

Held against her name are various National and State level championship trophies, won right from her childhood.

She has also won THE INTERNATIONAL YOGA CHAMPIONSHIP, establishing her supremacy on the global front.

Not to restrict herself to the boundaries of experience, she went on to complete her MPhil in Yoga. To keep alive her vision of ensuring healthy living for all, she finished her MBBS from Madras Medical College, ensuring that her solutions for a healthy living was always backed by the practicality of science.

Her therapy classes brings cure for various ailments including wheezing, asthma, sinus, back pain, knee pain, Parkinson’s disorder, thyroid, diabetes, and surely, obesity She is also a specialist in prenatal yoga -- to ensure the healthy and uncomplicated birth of a child.

Her contributions to the society are innumerable, starting from creating awareness through TV shows for more than a decade, to curing the above said ailments, and ensuring a healthy and happy life for people across the globe, in countries including China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Sri Lanka. Her methods have been adopted in the rigorous IPS training camps, and have benefitted all sections of the society, right from the needy to the privileged, entrepreneurs, and government officials.

Dr.Kumari Lakshmi Andiappan, vows to serve this society, through the art of Yoga, and to add zest and value to the life of every person who seeks her expertise.